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Woman Wins Ultramarathon, Gets Two Trophies

The Green Lakes Endurance Run 50K (GLER) took place on August 10. Officials were ready with a first place plaque and another for the first woman to cross the finish line. Ellie Pell won both awards, finishing in 3:58:37. There was no trophy for the first man to cross the finish line, because it never occurred to the race organizers that the overall winner could be a woman.  

“It was great, but also an awkward situation,” [race director Tim] Hardy said. “Obviously there’s a lot of great women runners, but you don’t see them winning ultras outright a lot. When it happens, they get two awards.”

“I ended up taking both awards—the overall winner and the first place female,” Pell said. “I felt bad that the first place man didn’t have one, so I tried to convince them to blot out the ‘fe’ on ‘female,’ but they said to just keep both trophies. It was pretty funny.”

Hardy ordered another plaque to be given to Richard Ellsworth, who finished second but was the first man to finish the race. In the future, awards will be given to the top six runners, regardless of sex. Read about the race at Runner's World.  -via Boing Boing


Sunday Morning Rush Hour

Farmers don't normally name their poultry and livestock, but that rule doesn't apply at Caenhill Countryside Centre. Chris Franklin lets the gang out of the barn to start a new day and greets each one of the ducks, geese, chickens, and goats by name: Bunson, Bo, Cuthbert, Owen, Jean, Cee Cee, Catherine, Gilbert and Sully, Bumblebee, Lucy, Socks (the kitten), Kenny, and the rest. Thank you, Kenny! They've made four of these morning videos in the last four days, plus a charming look at the farm before the barn residents are released. Will they continue every day from now on? -via Laughing Squid


Johnny Flynn Portrays David Bowie in New Film "Stardust"

In a new biopic of the music icon, Johnny Flynn will be playing the role of David Bowie in the film "Stardust" which will show Bowie's life in the early '70s as he embarks on his journey to America in search of fame. The cast includes Jena Malone, Marc Maron, and Angie Jones with Christopher Bell writing the screenplay and Gabriel Range directing it. Filming started early July of this year.

(Image credit: Paul Van Carter)


Master Con Man Frank Abagnale Shares Tips on How People Can Protect Their Identity

There's no better person to ask how one can protect themselves from identity theft than someone who knows the intricate details on how it's done. Frank Abagnale, the famous con man featured in the film Catch Me If You Can who later became part of the FBI, shares his thoughts on how people can safeguard their identities and credit.

I get asked a lot about how do you protect yourself from identity theft, which is a big issue. And probably everybody in this country has had their identities already stolen because we've had over a billion identities stolen. We only have 340 million people in America, including babies and children. So I always tell people, "I just do a few things." 
First of all, I do freeze my credit. I do still use a monitoring service because I like to check my own credit. So for $14, $17 a month, I can go online and look at all three credit bureaus. I can look at inquiries being made on my credit. If something's not accurate; I can fix it.

Other steps one can take is to avoid writing checks because it gives your information to fraudsters and other people with the intent of using that for illegal purposes or criminal activity. He also suggests that the best mode of payment is through credit cards.

I asked myself a simple question, what truly is the safest form of payment, not only in this country but in many countries around the world? And that is a credit card—Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card. Every day of my life I spend their money. I never spend my money. My money sits in the money market account, earns interest, and it's exposed to no one.

(Image credit: Karen Roby)


This Girl Cosplays Things You Don’t Expect to Be Cosplayed

Over the years, cosplay has become an art form of its own. Thousands of people spend lots of time and money in order to be able to create elaborate costumes. Making a cosplay costume or prop requires a multitude of skills. One has to have a great aesthetic sense in order to make an excellent cosplay. Rapidly, however, people who were able to harness these required skills have been growing in number in the recent years, and the cream of the crop keep on pushing the limits further and further.

Yet perhaps those meticulous outfits of the most popular heroes have given us a very one-dimensional understanding of what cosplay is. After all, many people now judge the worth of a costume by how accurate or aesthetically appealing it is. Well, this Instagram account gives a look at a completely different genre of cosplay, where unusual characters are brought to life.
Mira Park posts under the name “beebinch” and her cosplays are certainly eye-catching. One might look at her gallery and say that they are definitely unexpected as her ideas are original and, best of all, humorous.

Check out the other photos at BoredPanda.

(Image Credit: beebinch/ BoredPanda)


To People With Type II Diabetes: Reducing Alcohol Intake by A Small Amount Can Reduce Risks of Heart Disease By A Large Amount

People who have Type 2 diabetes have a greater risk of getting cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. While there are a number of researches that state that lifestyle may affect the risk of developing diabetes, there has been little research about how people with diabetes can change their lifestyle in order to lower their long-term risk of heart disease. The Conversation set out to do research on this subject matter in order to fill in the gap in the evidence.

Our latest research, published in Cardiovascular Diabetology, looked at healthy lifestyle changes among people with a new diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. The results show that people who cut their alcohol consumption by at least two units a week or abstained from alcohol had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared with people who didn’t change their alcohol use.

Head over to the site for more details.

(Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos/ Pixabay)


Woman Finds a Pennywise Toy in Her Yard and, to Stay Safe, Burns It and Sleeps with a Knife

Renee Jensen of Harrington Park, New Jersey says that, while she was at home, a Pennywise the Clown toy floated into her backyard.

Pennywise is the monstrously evil clown character in the Stephen King novel It.

Note that Jensen does not claim to have found the Pennywise toy in her yard. It floated through the air into her yard. The toy bore strange writing on it.

I doubt that this actually took place. But, for a moment, assume that it happened like that to you. What would you do?

You'd probably take actions similar to those of Jensen. She first called the police, who laughed at her and refused to file a report on the incident. With her safety in her own hands, Jensen then burned the toy and slept with a knife at her side and locked the bedroom door.

Why did Pennywise come to Jensen's home? I can guess why from this part of the article:

“It’s funny, but it was creepy,” says Jensen, who owns a reiki and intuitive healing business in Ridgewood.
“I kind of live in the woo," she says.

A reiki is apparently some sort of paranormal healing practice. Muck around in the supernatural and this kind of thing happens.

-via The Mary Sue | Photos by Renee Jensen


A New Vaccine That Puts An End To Cat Allergy

There are cat lovers who can’t enjoy being with a cat because they have cat allergies that range from sniffles to runny nose. In some cases there are more severe allergic reactions that can send a cat-loving person to the emergency room.

For some, anti-allergy medications suffice, though they're not without side effects — others just suffer the symptoms in exchange for the privilege of having a cat in their families. (Certainly their cats consider it a privilege.) Some people simply stay away from cats.

All this is about to change, however. This month, researchers in Zürich published preclinical data in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology that suggests a different type of solution: a vaccination. But it’s not for you. It’s for the cat.

More details about this subject over at Big Think.

(Image Credit: TeamK/ Pixabay)


Earbuds and Hearing Loss: Are They Connected?

Today, 1 out of 5 teens will experience hearing loss. This rate was 30% higher than it was 20 years ago. But there was something that didn't exist 20 years ago. That’s right. Earbuds did not exist 20 years ago — experts say that earbuds are to blame for the hearing loss that young people experience today.

At maximum volume, earbuds and AirPods can be as loud as 110 decibels, which is the equivalent of someone shouting directly into your ear. According to the CDC, being exposed to 85 decibels over a prolonged period, or repeatedly, puts you at risk of hearing damage. If you’re listening to your earbuds at the maximum volume of 110 decibels, you’re at risk of hearing loss after just five minutes — barely the length of two songs.
Alison M. Grimes, Director of Audiology and Newborn Hearing Screening at UCLA Health, says that two main factors contribute to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL): how loud the sound is and the duration of that sound. “The ear doesn’t care if it’s Tchaikovsky or Grateful Dead,” she says. “It’s all about sound pressure level in the ear canal.”

What are your thoughts on this one?

(Image Credit: rupixen/ Pixabay)


The Night Sky Over Maine: A Timelapse

It's good to take a step back for once and spend some time just looking up at the night sky and staring in awe of how beautiful each passing second is. In a two-hour session of stargazing and pondering, Bates photographer Theophil Syslo captures a stunning timelapse video of the sky at night over Maine.

All the while, the sky appears to rotate, due to the Earth’s rotation. (The camera itself is moving and rotating, too, thanks to Syslo’s three-axis setup.) The 22-second video comprises hundreds of still images taken 40 seconds apart. The night images were taken with a 30-second exposure to effectively capture starlight.

(Image credit: Theophil Syslo)


Alphabet Murals Featured on Lincoln Yards Development

In an effort to feature local artists, Sterling Bay has commissioned local graffiti artist Merlot to create street art in preparation for the development of their Lincoln Yards mixed-use project.

As such, when you wander through the area, you might find letters of the alphabet painted on murals. This is part of Sterling Bay's rotating public art programs and expect to see more as the area gets developed.

Local graffiti artist Merlot is in the process of creating “Alphabet Monsters,” a series of 26 murals featuring each letter of the alphabet, commissioned by developer Sterling Bay. She has painted four murals thus far, and the interactive art project will be completed in early September, according to the Chicago developer.
The large murals will be on buildings and manufacturing artifacts throughout the formerly industrial site, which once included businesses such as the A. Finkl & Sons steel plant.

(Image credit: Stacey Westcott/Chicago Tribune)


A Man Gets Reincarnated As A Fly, Proceeds To Take Down An Entire Mob As The Fly

It’s a movie plot, actually. How would anyone know if the fly near you was once actually a human being? 

Twitter user Joe Carnegie informed the Internet about SS Rajamouli, a Tollywood director (different Indian style and language from Bollywood) the director of the movie where that viral clip was from - where a man gets killed by a gangster, and then after being reincarnated as a fly gets his revenge (as a fly, I might add). This unique plot added with the whole movie’s aesthetic attracted the eyes of the Internet, and maybe even yours after this!

image credit: Twitter


Teen Girl Goes Viral For Her Seemingly Fake “From The Fridge” Tweets

Twitter user @thankunext327 went viral for her tweets from her smart fridge. It started as the user’s cry of protests after her mom took her phone away, making her unable  to tweet. From there, she started tweeting from various (and quite unique devices) from her home : her 3DS, and Wii. 

But her mother had the upper hand, apparently, and made her resort to tweet via voice dictation from her “LG Smart Refrigerator”: 

This tweet of course (either via by the sheer hilarity of it or it piqued the interests of many), went viral - and even got her story featured on the news! But, as Buzzfeed’s Stephanie McNeal comments - her tweets might be fake: 

But what these stories failed to note is that it is surprisingly easy to pretend to tweet from basically anywhere by creating your own Twitter source. A step-by-step guide posted by one Twitter user and this Reddit post lay out a "fridge" example.

image credit: twitterscreenshot via Buzzfeed


Henrietta Wood Sued for Reparations in 1870

After the Fugitive Slave Law was enacted in 1850, professional "slave catchers" would kidnap black people from free states and smuggle them into the South to be sold into slavery. Not all their victims were fugitives from slavery- many were legally free, whether from birth or from manumission. One of these victims was Henrietta Wood. In 1870, she filed a lawsuit against Zebulon Ward for $20,000 in reparations.

Born into bondage in Kentucky, Wood testified, she had been granted her freedom in Cincinnati in 1848, but five years later she was kidnapped by Ward, who sold her, and she ended up enslaved on a Texas plantation until after the Civil War. She finally returned to Cincinnati in 1869, a free woman. She had not forgotten Ward and sued him the following year.

The trial began only after eight years of litigation, leaving Wood to wonder if she would ever get justice. Now, she watched nervously as the 12 jurors returned to their seats. Finally, they announced a verdict that few expected: “We, the Jury in the above entitled cause, do find for the plaintiff and assess her damages in the premises at Two thousand five hundred dollars.”

The award, greatly reduced from the initial lawsuit, was equivalent to $65,000 today. Strangely, Wood's lawsuit was not a groundbreaking case that opened the floodgates for other former slaves to sue, and has almost disappeared from postwar history. Read about Wood's life, lawsuit, and legacy in an excerpt from the book Sweet Taste of Liberty: A True Story of Slavery and Restitution in America at Smithsonian.

(Image source: Library of Congress)


This Stunning Bubble-Shaped Hotel In Mexico Is Also Next To A Winery

This hotel in Mexico is all over Instagram for two things: its unique bubble-shape, and its location. Campera Hotel offers these unique bubble suites for two people. Located in Valle de Guadalupe, the special bubble suite has a rate of $180 a night (with a full-sized bed, heating and air systems, bathrooms, plus a stunning view of the Mexican countryside). 

If you are a fan of glamping (camping but make it boujee) or just has a deep appreciation for wineries and luxury restaurants - this hotel better be on your list! 

(via Popsugar)

image credit: Campera Hotel Bubble via Instagram

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