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An Open Letter to Humans on the Moon

With all the research and space missions being done to prepare our way for one day bringing human civilization to the stars, there is a possibility that we can put up settlements on other astronomical bodies in space and build societies there. Earth's Moon is one candidate for that vision of living in space.

But if that were to happen, there will have already been many changes and new generations probably wouldn't be able to relate those of us who grew up on Earth. So here's an open letter for humanity who was able to venture out into space and find a safer haven out in the stars.

(Image credit: Bob Al-Greene/Mashable)


Buzz Aldrin Says He's Disappointed With NASA, Here's Why

Being one of the first astronauts to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin has a lot under his belt. But 50 years later, he laments that NASA's program has become a "great disappointment". He says this to President Donald Trump in a press conference held at the Oval Office last Friday.

“Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in the last 10 to 15 years,” he told the president during an Oval Office press conference with Michael Collins, another Apolo 11 astronaut. “We were able to achieve so much early. Now we have the number one rocket right now in the U.S., and we have the number one spacecraft, and they cannot get into lunar orbit with significant maneuvering capability. And that’s a great disappointment to me.”

There are several possible reasons as to why Aldrin has made such criticism on the agency but it most likely comes down to financial support. Furthermore, NASA has been setting its eyes on some big goals in the coming years which would require a ton of funding, although whether the results are enough to justify the investments being made, we have yet to see.

(Image credit: Buzz Aldrin/Twitter)


Online Hobbyists Develop Film Rolls Of Total Strangers

A tiny but growing number of online hobbyists have been buying used, but undeveloped, film rolls. People who sell mystery film often don’t set out to trade in the stuff — these are usually picked up by coincidence.

There are many tragic reasons why these rolls could have been forgotten about – divorce, death, dementia – and many mundane ones: film processing is expensive and it’s easy to set aside a half-used roll to be finished later and simply forget about it. Used film can sell from £1 to £100 on eBay, and more and more people are gathering online to celebrate their hobby. Over the past three years the subscribers to the Forgotten Film forum on the discussion website Reddit have jumped from 822 to more than 3,000 people. The most popular post of all is an image from the 1950s of a person in an anorak framed forebodingly in front of the Niagara Falls – the film was found inside a camera in an antique store.

But where did the interest in buying mystery film come from? It may be related to a boom on “mystery boxes” sold on Ebay. Popular YouTubers in 2017 started buying these boxes which contained random items and opened them in front of a camera.

In this environment, sellers are taking a chance by listing mystery film rolls, while buyers are excitedly purchasing a portion of the past.

But why would some people buy random film rolls and develop what’s inside them? Levi Bettwieser, a 33-year-old video producer from Idaho, answers this question.

...“There’s always a feeling of overall excitement that you might get something amazing, something historically viable. Or you might get more cat photos.”... “Part of the reason I’m doing it is because I like the idea of being the first person to ever see these images; even the photographer has never seen them.”

Check out the full story on The Guardian.

(Image Credit: 15299/ Pixabay)


Florida Woman Threatens Another Woman After Being Denied A Slice of Pizza

A 22-year-old woman named De’Erica Cooks was arrested this week and accused of aggravated assault as she attacked another woman who refused to give her a slice of pizza. The woman was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and is being held on a $1,500 bond.

According to the St. Augustine Record, Cooks became angry after the unidentified woman said "no" to her request for a slice. An offense report says Cooks told the woman "I'm going to cut you" with a steak knife in her hand, and then tried to attack her.
The report adds that a male bystander was able to take the knife away from Cooks, but she soon found another one.

According to the report, Cooks stated that she doesn’t remember much of what happened during her fit of rage.

I guess pizza is that appealing for her.

(Image Credit: marckbass8/ Pixabay)


An Animal Shelter in Oklahoma Has A Message For Those Who Will Storm Area 51

“Come storm our shelter,” wrote the OKC Animal Welfare on their Facebook post on Friday. “We have great animals ready to protect you from the Area 51 aliens. Adoption isn’t that far out of this world!” they continued. They even showed their dogs wearing tinfoil hats on the post.

The shelter has 150 dogs, 54 cats, two pigs and one hamster available for adoption, according to its website.
The event organizer started the [Area 51] event as a joke. Now, more than 1.8 million have signed up for the September 20 event, which jokingly encourages participants to storm Area 51, long believed by conspiracy theorists to be a holding site for extraterrestrial life.
Still, the Air Force told CBS News it was aware of the post and called it "dangerous." It's unclear if anyone will actually show up to the event, but they may feel safer with a tinfoil-wearing pet by their side.

(Image Credit: OKC Animal Welfare/ Facebook)


All Sled Dogs' Bodies Are Different, and It's Beautiful

Dogsledder Blair Braverman shared something she realized over the years she has worked with sled dogs, training and feeding them from when they were pups until retirement. She saw how these dogs were built in different ways and yet there is something so wonderful in the diversity of their bodies and how they were designed.

-via Kottke

It may simple and obvious but her experiences with the sled dogs showed her how these dogs having different body types is just how nature intended them to be. There's nothing wrong with being built uniquely from others. In fact, the dogs don't even care how their bodies look like. If ever they were aware about that at all, they would probably not care still as long as they are fed and get to run around and have fun.


New Delivery Method for Chemotherapy Drugs Disguises Them As Fat

Cancer cells have different ways of surviving in our body despite all our efforts into subduing, neutralizing, and eventually eliminating them. So we also have to find crafty ways to get rid of them. One such method that a team from McCormick School of Engineering used is to disguise chemo drugs as fat.

“It’s like a Trojan horse,” Nathan Gianneschi, a professor of chemistry and of biomedical engineering and materials science and engineering in the McCormick School of Engineering and associate director of the International Institute of Nanotechnology at Northwestern University. “It looks like a nice little fatty acid, so the tumor’s receptors see it and invite it in. Then the drug starts getting metabolized and kills the tumor cells.”

One other advantage to this method is that it reduces the risk of side effects from the drug since it targets or is consumed by the cancer cells directly. They tested the drug delivery system by using a common chemo drug and introducing it into a small animal model with tumors.

Disguised as fat, the drug entered and completely eliminated the tumors in three types of cancer: bone, pancreatic, and colon. Even better: the researchers found they could deliver 20 times the dose of paclitaxel with their system, compared to two other paclitaxel-based drugs. But even at such a high quantity, the drug in Gianneschi’s system was still 17 times safer.

(Image credit: Brian/Flickr)


Marvel Reveals All Movies Under MCU Phase 4


Ever since Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home, everybody has been eagerly anticipating and speculating what's next in Marvel's massive franchise. We know that it was the end of an era but that doesn't mean the stories and characters we loved so much and grew up with over the years will just fade away from memory. Marvel has a lot more in store for us.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, today unveiled the Phase 4 slate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Comic-Con. He hit the stage at Marvel's panel in Hall, announcing a tantalizing suite of new superhero movies, set for release over the next two years. A list that included Black Widow, The Eternals, Thor 4: Love and Thunder, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

(Image credit: Marvel Studios/Twitter)


(Image credit: Ryan Penagos/Twitter)


How Women in Old Movies Talk to Some Dude They Just Met

I honestly don't recall any scene even close to this, and I've seen lot of old movies. But still, he makes us laugh at the melodrama, a feature film's worth squeezed into a minute and a half. Joel Haver plays both parts. -via Digg


"The Hum" That Only 2 Percent of People Can Hear

The hum is a sound that only, according to some estimates, two percent of people can hear. The scientific world has no known explanation for this noise. For some of the 2%, it sounds like an engine idling. For others, it sounds like a low-frequency rumble. But almost all of those who can hear it can agree on one thing: it is a persistent, maddening noise. 

Since it was first reported in Bristol, England, in 1970, this elusive phenomenon has plagued thousands of people across the globe, slowly eroding their sanity. One of them is Steve Kohlhase, an industrial-facilities mechanical engineer living in Brookfield, Connecticut. In Garret Harkawik’s short documentary Doom Vibrations, Kohlhase describes the noise: “Your ears are ringing real bad. If it’s a bad day, it feels like your brain is being squeezed. It’s nauseating.” Kohlhase says his dog, too, seems to suffer from the noise; once Kohlhase started hearing it, the canine became lethargic, and has never recovered.
“I think most people view the hum as a fringe belief,” Harkawik [stated], “because it’s so subjective—people say they hear something that most people can’t hear. But when you look at the vast number of people who say they hear it, it’s obvious that there’s something going on.”

Know more about this story on The Atlantic.

(Video Credit: The Atlantic/ YouTube)


“No Crime, No Debt, and No Homelessness”: The Christian Sect in Deepest Sussex Show How They Live

You’ve heard it right. On this small community of Christians, there is no crime, no debt, and no homelessness.

Houses there are surrounded by acres of forest. On a warm day, they can swim in a lake, with no worries of their mortgage, as it is paid. Evenings are spent at a communal barbecue, where the community sing songs around the fire.

People chat and read books. No one is glued to a phone and children don’t fight over the Xbox because no one has a computer or TV.

In a lot of ways, this can be a person’s ideal utopia.

The women are dressed modestly – scarves cover their hair while their long skirts and shirts look like sackcloth. 
The lives of the 300 people here are not their own because they’re serving a higher being: Jesus. 
They must ask permission to start ‘courting’ a person who has caught their eye, no one can divorce and they can’t choose their jobs or have any possessions.
Most people have never heard of the Bruderhof, unsurprising as there are just 3,000 members of the small Christian sect in the world, spread across the UK (there’s another in Nonington, Kent, and a small one in Peckham, south London), the US, Germany, Australia and Paraguay. 
‘We have a different vision for our society,’ says Bernard Hibbs, 38, the community’s outreach director who has let in TV cameras for the first time. 

Can you live like this?

(Image Credit: BBC/ CTVC/ Danny Burrows)


Towards Better Batteries in the Future: A Study

We use batteries frequently — from our smartphones, to our wristwatches, to our laptops, and to our cars.

Most of our batteries are lithium-ion ones. People are alarmed that since the demand for this type of battery is high, this might lead to shortages of lithium in the world. This is why scientists look for an alternative for lithium-ion batteries, in the form of sodium-ion batteries. Sodium is cheap and abundant, which makes it a good alternative.

However, there’s a catch: Sodium-ion batteries have a much shorter lifespan than lithium-ion ones. But why do this type of battery decay quickly? Or in general, why do batteries decay in the first place? Scientists may have found the reason.

UC Santa Barbara computational materials scientist Chris Van de Walle and colleagues have uncovered a reason for this loss of capacity in sodium batteries: the unintended presence of hydrogen, which leads to degradation of the battery electrode…
Professor Peelaers, now at the University of Kansas, described the key findings: “We quickly realized that hydrogen can very easily penetrate the material, and that its presence enables the manganese atoms to break loose from the manganese-oxide backbone that holds the material together. This removal of manganese is irreversible and leads to a decrease in capacity and, ultimately, degradation of the battery.”
… Now that its detrimental impact has been flagged, measures can be taken during fabrication and encapsulation of the batteries to suppress incorporation of hydrogen, which should lead to better performance.”
In fact, the researchers suspect that even the ubiquitous lithium-ion batteries may suffer from the ill effects of unintended hydrogen incorporation. Whether this causes fewer problems because fabrication methods are further advanced in this mature materials system, or because there is a fundamental reason for the lithium batteries to be more resistant to hydrogen is not clear at present, and will be an area of future research.

(Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures/ Pixabay)


FaceApp: Is It Accurate?

FaceApp has been a popular app these days for its ability to make people on photos look older in their photos. The question is, is the app accurate in creating “elderly” versions of people? The Sun put FaceApp’s accuracy to the test by “lining it up against old and new pics of A-List celebs.”

Here are the photos and see for yourself. For me, it is pretty accurate it scares me.

Is it accurate for you?

(Image Credit: The Sun)


AI Explains The Lion King

To be fair, this script is only presented as artificial intelligence; it makes way too much sense for that to truly be the case. But it is a completely goofy oversimplification of the plot of The Lion King with an extreme overcomplication of the story's underlying meaning, coupled with the kind of misunderstandings that an alien from another planet might make.  -via Geeks Are Sexy


After 180 Years of Being Open, “England’s Smallest School” To Close

Bleasdale Church of England Primary, a school believed to be the smallest in England, will close down after it was left with only two pupils. The school will be shutting off its doors on Tuesday as one of the pupils will be leaving it to go to secondary school.

Following a public consultation earlier this year, the Lancashire County Council pronounced that the school is “no longer financially viable.”

Over the past five years, pupil numbers have fallen from 16 to two.

The school has been open for a good 180 years.

(Image Credit: Google/ Independent)

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